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99% Hands Off Social Media Management

Let us create, schedule, and post all year for you.

our process

We Create

We craft compelling posts tailored to your brand.

We Schedule

We strategically plan and schedule your content.

We Post

Sit back as we handle posting across all your social accounts.

Key Benefits

  • Establish a consistent online presence

  • Engage with your audience effectively

  • Save time and effort on social media management

  • Manage multiple social platforms at once

3 step Highlights

Step 1

Tailored Content Creation

  • Crafting Unique Content: We create engaging and personalized content for various social media platforms.

  • Visuals and Captions: Our team develops custom visuals, captivating captions, and strategic hashtags for maximum impact.

Step 2

Feedback and Approval Process

You can be involved as much or little as you choose but over 90% of our customers prefer the handsoff approach.

  • Your Involvement: You can review, provide feedback, make edits, and approve content before it goes live.

  • Transparent Platform: Ensuring transparency and collaboration in the content creation process for your satisfaction.

Step 3

Scheduled Posting Management

  • Timely Posting: We schedule and post approved content on your specified social channels at optimal times.

  • AI Optimization: Our AI analysis optimizes posting schedules based on follower engagement patterns.

  • 2.1X More engagement on average

  • 11 hrs Saved per month on average

Our Pricing



10 Posts / Month

High-quality visuals

Captions & hashtags

Scheduling & posting

1 social channel included

+$20 per extra channel




20 Posts / Month

High-quality visuals

Captions & hashtags

Scheduling & posting

1 social channel included

+$20 per extra channel




30 Posts / Month

High-quality visuals

Captions & hashtags

Scheduling & posting

1 social channel included

+$20 per extra channel



Short Form Videos

15-45 second videos for Reels, Tiktok & Shorts

4 videos: 197/mo

8 videos: 297/mo

12 videos: 397/mo

1 social channel included

+20 per extra channel


Instagram Stories

Custom designed Instagram Stories

10 stories: 97/mo

20 stories: 147/mo

30 stories: 197/mo


Blog Posts

Fully SEO-optimized website blog posts

500 words: 97/each

1000 words: 147/each

1500 words: 197/each

A word from Our Clients

Adriana Dominguez

Knowledgeable and eager to help with your questions. You can tell Aderaco is passionate about helping small businesses better perform.

All State Motors

Good responsive staff...they know what they are doing!


Responsive and transparent. Communication was great. Video chat to explain everything step by step.

Free Software

Well almost..

Cost is One Time Payment of $1

Do It Yourself

Self Managed social Planner

Social Platforms Include: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Google My Business, Twitter, Tiktok

  • Create Posts quick and easy using our Royalty Free Stock Photos (1000's Included)

  • Schedule & Post at a later Date & Time

  • Full Calendar View of all posts

  • Keep and Reuse Posts with one click

  • Bonus, Automatically Post Reviews from Google & Facebook

What is the catch? We'll ask for a review. Thats it :)


Whats the onboarding process?

To get started with Aderaco, you'll select your plan and complete a simple questionnaire to provide us with all the necessary details. If needed, you can also have a call with your dedicated social media manager. We'll then connect your social media channels to our platform so we can begin scheduling and posting the approved content. Within 7 working days, if you want to be more hands on, you'll receive your full month of social media posts for review and approval.

Are the posts custom made?

Yes, all our content is specifically crafted for your brand or purpose. Whether it's images, videos, articles, or other types of content, everything is created from scratch to meet your specific needs and goals. We ensure that the content aligns with your brand voice and visual style.

Will I see the posts before they go live?

Absolutely! If that is what you wish of course but should mention most clients prefer the hands off. Before any post goes live, you'll have the opportunity to review and provide feedback on them. We aim to deliver a whole month's worth of content for your review at once. Your satisfaction is our priority, so we're open to making any necessary adjustments until you're completely happy with the direction.

What if I have specific things I want you to promote?

If you have specific promotions or topics you want us to highlight, just let us know in advance. We plan our posts a month ahead, but we're flexible to accommodate any urgent or time-sensitive content that you want to share. Your input is valuable in shaping the content strategy.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel on a month-to-month basis; however, we kindly ask for at least 7 days' notice before the start of the next month. This timeframe allows us to adjust our content planning accordingly.

Do I have to share my login details?

No need to share your login details with us. Simply connect your social media accounts to our scheduling platform through the official integration - it's secure and convenient, without requiring any passwords.

Can I still post on my own profiles?

Absolutely! You're more than welcome to post on your social media profiles whenever you wish. Our service is designed to complement your efforts, so feel free to add your content as needed while we handle the rest.

I have other questions

If you have any more questions or need further clarification about our services, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]. We're here to help and provide all the information you need.

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© 2024 Aderaco. All rights reserved.