All-In-One Lead Management Platform

The #1 Automation And Text Messaging Platform for Car Dealerships

Rev up your sales with our all-in-one platform that automates follow-ups, two-way texting, sales pipeline, scheduling, and more. Drive more deals effortlessly.

our process

Personalized Consultation

We engage with you to learn about your dealership’s specific needs, offering tailored feedback and strategies to boost your car sales effectively.

Automated Workflow

Our platform automates lead capture and management, allowing you to focus on selling cars while we handle the essential tasks seamlessly.

Results Tracking

We track and analyze your sales and marketing efforts, providing valuable insights to measure success and make informed decisions for future strategies.

Key Benefits

  • Automated Lead Follow-Up: Ensure no lead is missed with automatic follow-ups via text, email, or calls.

  • Test Drive Scheduling: Simplify test drive bookings with easy online scheduling.

  • Special Promotions: Create targeted sales funnels and landing pages for special promotions.

  • Multi-Channel Communication: Engage customers via SMS, email, phone calls, and social media.

  • Performance Analytics: Gain insights into sales performance and lead sources.

  • Customer Relationship Management: Track all customer interactions in one place for personalized service.

PS: This entire page is built on our Platform including forms, calendars and appointment reminders, and automated followup. Imagine what we can do for you.....

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Simple Company

David Doe

Simple Company

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Benefits by Number


Benefits by Number

+ Many More Upon Request!!!

Service Highlights

Choice Is Yours: Dive into feature highlights at your pace through our optional viewing feature. Whether you crave details or prefer a quick browse, the choice is yours.

Lead Manager Is...

Your CRM

Converse With Leads & Customers In One Place

While attracting visitors to your dealership is important, the real challenge is to keep them coming back.

Key Benefits:

  • Unified 2-Way Communication: Record every interaction via phone, email, text, and Facebook messages

  • Relationship Building: Build and nurture client relationships.

  • Personalized Responses: Tailor responses to customer activities.

  • Behavior Insights: Access detailed insights into customer behavior.

  • Real-Time Tracking: Track your processes seamlessly in real-time.

We Replace...

Lead Manager Is...

Your Appointment Calendar

Effortlessly streamline booking for test drives and service appointments to drive more car sales.

Key Benefits:

  • Maximize Show Rates: Ensure higher attendance rates with timely confirmations.

  • Smooth Booking Process: Simplify appointment scheduling for a seamless customer experience.

  • Automated Reminders: Enhance appointment attendance and boost sales opportunities.

  • Efficient Confirmations: Instantly confirm appointments via text and email for a professional touch.

  • Seamless Integration: Integrate with Google Suite and Outlook Calendars for efficient management.

  • Competitive Edge: Eliminate reliance on third-party calendars to secure appointments and prevent customer diversion.

We Replace...

Lead Manager Is...

Your Branded Site Builder

Elevate your online presence with custom websites and landing pages without disrupting your existing site provider.

Key Benefits:

  • Sales Funnels: Develop landing pages for Ads, buyback programs, financing, and promotions.

  • Advanced Pages: Display dynamic lead details on pages for personalized experiences.

  • Interactive Features: Include chat, forms, surveys, and popups for engaging user interactions. Can also be added to your existing site for flexibility.

  • E-Store Setup: Establish an online store for selling merchandise like Swag (e.g., shirts, plates) with our expert assistance.

  • SEO Blog: Improve visibility with informative content. Write your blog posts or utilize our AI writer for assistance.

  • Comprehensive Tools: Customize your digital presence effectively. Explore additional features like video branding and more, not listed here.

We Replace...

Lead Manager Is...

Your Email Marketing Solution

Email is crucial for customer follow-up, nurturing relationships, and driving business growth through effective campaigns.

Key Benefits:

  • Automated Email Campaigns: Set up powerful automations for hands-free email marketing.

  • Cost-Efficient Solution: Eliminate separate email platform costs.

  • Effortless Broadcasting: Easily send email broadcasts to all contacts.

  • User-Friendly Templates: Design beautiful email templates without requiring design skills.

  • Trackable Responses: Monitor and track every reply directly within the customer record.

We Replace...

Lead Manager Is...

Your Reporting Platform

Unlock insights into your dealership's performance, tracking ROI and leads in the pipeline with our specialized automotive analytics dashboard.

Key Benefits:

  • Monitor Key Metrics: Track essential performance indicators crucial for successful car sales.

  • Ad Performance Tracking: Analyze and optimize ad performance on top platforms. (PS we can also run your ads, check it out here)

  • ROI and Pipeline Tracking: Measure ROI and monitor leads in the sales pipeline effectively.

  • Detailed Communication Reports: Access comprehensive reports for calls, texts, and emails to enhance customer interactions.

  • Quick Success Measurement: Easily gauge the success of your marketing campaigns and sales efforts for informed decision-making.

  • Stress-Free Analysis: Eliminate uncertainties by utilizing our advanced analytics dashboard for confident decision-making.

We Replace...

Lead Manager Is...

Your Reputation Management

Send review requests via SMS and email with the push of a button. Request, respond, and manage all in one place.

Key Benefits:

  • Send Review Requests: Prompt customers for reviews via SMS and email.

  • Review Reminder Sequence: Automate reminders to boost review submissions.

  • Showcase Reviews: Display reviews attractively with widgets.

  • Manage Reviews: Monitor and respond to reviews from multiple platforms.

  • Response Management: Efficiently reply to reviews manually or automate responses with AI.

  • YEXT Add-On: Enhance visibility on 200+ sites with our YEXT integration.

We Replace...

Lead Manager Is...

Your Membership / Course Creator

Effortlessly create memberships, courses, and affiliate programs to boost dealership offerings.

Why Memberships?

  • Exclusive offers: (e.g., Provide exclusive discounts on services like car detailing)

  • Loyalty rewards: (e.g., Reward repeat customers with special perks like priority service appointments)

Why Courses?

  • Educational content: (e.g., Offer courses on vehicle maintenance tips and tricks)

  • Certification programs: (e.g., Provide certification courses for sales staff on effective selling techniques)

Why Affiliates?

  • Collaborative opportunities: (e.g., Partner with local businesses for referral commissions on vehicle sales)

  • Revenue generation: (e.g., Generate additional income by promoting affiliate products like car accessories)

Each has its own set of benefits and features that are too much to list here. Call us for more detail.

We Replace...

Lead Manager Is...

Your Dealership AUTOMATED

Unleash our exclusive automation for lead conversion. Create personalized campaigns via text, email, voicemail, and Facebook messages. All automated for your dealership's success.

Key Benefits:

  • Multi-Channel Automation: Automate texts, emails, and Facebook messages.

  • Booking and Reminders: Streamline appointment scheduling with automated reminders.

  • Follow-ups and Feedback: Automate follow-ups, nurture sequences, and feedback.

  • Promotions and Events: Automate promotions, events, and news updates.

  • Missed Call Handling: Automatically respond to missed calls with texts.

  • FAQ Responses: Automate responses to frequently asked questions.

  • Personalized Landing Pages: Create personalized landing pages with automation.

  • Work:flow Builder Customize workflows easily with drag-and-drop tools.

We built in our own...


Aderaco Replaces the core functionality (and costs!) of all this software & More:

Our Pricing

Yes, we do a lot. We've condensed our wide array of services into 3 comprehensive packages. If you need help navigating our offerings, don't hesitate to reach out. We're committed to helping you select the right package for your business.


Essential Plan

All Services With
No Automations Included

Two-Way Unified Inbox
Includes: Text, Email, Facebook Messenger, Webchat, +More

Social Planner / Scheduler

Includes: GMB, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter (X), Pinterest, and Linkedin


Sites / Landing Pages

Reputation Management

Appointment Calendar

Email Newsletter Builder

Analytics & Reporting

Memberships Management

Affiliate Management

Courses Creator

Payment / Quick Book Integration

More Coming Soon



Pro Plan

All Services With

Automations Included

Everything In Essential Plan AND...

Multi Channel Auto Reply

Includes all messaging channels (ie Text, Email, Messenger, etc)

Automation / Workflow Builder

Trigger Links

FAQ Auto Reply

Campaigns via SMS / Email

Followup / Nurture Sequence

Appointment Reminders

Review Request Reminders

Multi Calendar Booking Hub

Missed Call Text Back

Birthday Outreach

More Coming Soon



Elite Plan

All Services Built

Side by Side With Our Team

Everything In Pro Plan and...

Ai Conversation Bot

Ai Review Responder

Ai Image Generator

Ai Writer

1 on 1 Custom Builds

Ex. Text Offers

Ex. Ad Landing Page

Ex. Dynamic Landing Pages

Ex. Merchandise Store


Please note that certain plans may include costs for SMS, email, or AI credits, as well as potential expenses for third-party integrations like Mailgun, Twilio, domain access, or email setup. Additionally, utilizing the store feature may require third-party merchandise providers or integrations at an extra cost. Example reference: + $10 Messaging Credits (That’s about 632 texts or 7407 emails)



AI Conversation Bot


FB Messenger





AI Review Responder





AI Image Generator

Social Posts


Email Builder




AI Copywriter

Website Builder

Funnel Builder


Social Posts





Custom for Third Party




200+ Listings








A word from Our Clients


Responsive and transparent. Communication was great. Video chat to explain everything step by step.

Adriana Dominguez

Knowledgeable and eager to help with your questions. You can tell Aderaco is passionate about helping small businesses better perform.

All State Motors

Good responsive staff...they know what they are doing!

Free Service

Free - $0 - Gratis!

Social Planner

This is one of our many features inside of our All-In-One Platform. Contact us to get free access and a sneak peak behind the scene. PS. There may a bonus involving other features.


Can you pull leads form third party platforms?

Yes, leads can be seamlessly integrated and captured from third-party platforms.

Are subscriptions month-to-month or contract-based?

Month to month for Pro or Premium plan. We do not believe in locking dealers into a contract they no longer want to be in. Your business is yours and we respect your decision.

3 Month Contract for Elite and Custom plan. Since everything from this point are custom builds we need time to make sure you are happy and get the results you want.

What is your history with Car Dealerships?

Oof. This can be a long answer so in short Car Dealerships is where we all started. Our owner was an employee of V12 Software, and Hammer Corp before starting Aderaco in 2019.

With permission of the owner of Hammer he created solutions tailored around what dealers needed most at an affordable price. First was Facebook Ads as Hammer at the time did not offer that thus left Hammer in 2019.

Since we still continue to build solutions based off of our customers interest. We value your ideas and pride ourselves in making them come true.

What support is provided with the DIY plan?

In short, to be fair to you and us we divide our plans based on time needed from our internal team. We will NEVER leave you to fail.

This plan is normally for those tech savy marketing directors that have there own game plan and prefer to build their own custom followups. We support you in the understanding of each feature and how to navigate. If you need support further and would like us to custom build your projects with you then you must upgrade to our DWY plan.

How does the Merchandise Store work? (ie Swag)

This is a conversation best to have on a phone call.

In short, if you are new

- We can create a store to viewing and purchases

- We can use a merchandise partner to handle creating, shipping, and returning of products all online without your doing anything

- You markup pricing based on merchandise cost

- You only pay Merchandise provider when an item is sold

- You profit the markup you set


- You select a T-Shirt at $6 cost, then mark it up to $10

- List the T-Shirt on the store site we built

- Customer buys said T-Shirt at $10

- You now pay Merchandise Partner for the $6 of the T-Shirt

- You profit the $4 difference ($6 Shirt at $10 Marketup = $4 Profit)

Lucrative solution and all hands free after setup.

How does your membership/course/affiliate work?

Another conversation best to have on a phone call.

In short, we provide the platform that allows you to create / charge / manage your own branded membership / course / affiliate program.

Idea behind Memberships: This was designed to help service departments profit and obtain repeat customers.

Idea behind Courses: This was designed for dealers to provide free value to customers in one location while increasing your customer base that YOU control. Think of it like a Facebook Group that you manage and own all contacts registered allowing you to market to them later.

Idea behind Affiliate Program: This was designed to give you options that until now was only setup for agencies. So an agency like us would pay out car dealers who referred other car dealers and of course need a way to track it. Now you can do the same with your customers, resellers, third party agencies that do "Pay Per Sale", and more.

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